Ceramic Skateboard Bearings

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For many skaters the Ceramic Bearing is the bearing of all bearings. The unique qualities of Ceramic can far outweigh the more traditional steel. For the professional skaters amongst you these will never let you down and can last a lifetime.

Stainless Steel with red shields

Inside diameter 8mm outside diameter 22mm width 7mm


  • The benefit of ceramic bearings is that they are very hard wearing
  • The ceramic forces dirt out of the bearing as it spins round
  • Ceramic never rusts
  • Ceramic reduces friction and lasts longer than a typical metal bearing
  • Ceramic bearings also accelerate faster and roll further
  • ABEC 5
  • Presented in a Bravery metal tin

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We donate part of our profits in support of charities that help veterans and disadvantaged communities reach their full potential, through education and sports. So you can always face your fears.

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I can only use two words to describe them “Phe” “Nominal” - the quality and feel made me think I had become invincible!!!

Ramon Sheriff

Very happy with the design of the Bravery clothing and caps, delivery was prompt and efficient.Will be buying their products again soon.

Bobby Bullen

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