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Bravery Cafe Unveiled: A Spectacular VIP Launch in Poole, Dorset

Bravery Cafe Unveiled: A Spectacular VIP Launch in Poole, Dorset
Collage of the venue before the VIP launch party began


The day of the VIP launch had arrived, and the Poole-based venue was buzzing with activity. The final touches were being put in place. The volunteers wearing Bravery gear were bustling around, ensuring everything was perfect. Motocross action played on the screens, adding to the atmosphere.

 Front of building

 (Store Front)


The transformation of the space was remarkable since Toby's first encounter with the building. Every detail had been meticulously designed by Toby himself, reflecting the essence of the Bravery brand and embodying his core message. The venue showcased its surfboards, wetsuits, t-shirts, caps, hats, and men's and women's apparel. Which created a visually stunning showcase. 


Toby and Harry Redknapp

(Toby and Harry Redknapp)


It was clear of the incredible support Toby had received throughout the journey. Every obstacle, no matter how daunting, had been tackled head-on with the collective effort of everyone involved. Some of the challenges had been like mountains to climb. But the teamwork and determination had turned each hurdle into a triumph. The culmination of hard work, dedication, and a supportive community had brought Toby's vision to life.


As the clock struck 12:00, the first wave of guests started to arrive, bringing an air of excitement to the venue. Harry Redknapp came to show his support. This added a touch of celebrity endorsement to the launch. His decision to support Toby and Bravery didn't stop at a mere appearance. He went on to become the first customer of the Bravery store. It was a moment of pride and validation for Toby and his team. This signaled the beginning of what promised to be a successful venture.


Guests Arriving

(VIP guests mingling as they come into the venue)


VIPs mingled and engaged in conversations, creating an atmosphere of community. Some explored the Bravery store, trying on various pieces of apparel. Guests shared their thoughts on the designs and the overall vibe of Bravery's collection. Graham Souness made an appearance to show his support and brought some apparel.


Bravery's Female Range

(Bravery Female Apparel - Instore only)


Male Range

 (Bravery Male Apparel - Instore only)


In another corner of the venue, a more relaxed scene unfolded. Some guests opted for a cosy break, enjoying coffee and cake. The charcuterie spread crafted by Scout and Hunter was a feast for the eyes and the taste buds. A tantalising array of cured meats, artisanal cheeses, fresh fruits, and savoury accompaniments was laid out. The combination of fashion exploration and casual conversations added a dynamic touch to the event. This reflected the diverse interests and connections fostered by the Bravery launch.

Scout & HunterScout & Hunter
 (Scout & Hunter Spread)


The venue became a vibrant hub of activity. With guests immersing themselves in different aspects of the event. From trying out stylish apparel to savouring treats while exchanging stories. It was a testament to the multifaceted appeal of the Bravery brand. It brought people together in celebration of Toby's vision and the collective efforts that had led to this moment.



VIP guests starting to come into the venue

(More VIP guests heading for the cafe)


Halfway through the event Savannah, Toby's fiancée, seized everyone's attention. Everyone fell silent while they listened to Toby’s heartfelt and inspirational speech. His words resonated through the venue. Every person present hung onto every word, captivated by the sincerity and passion in his message.

Toby's speech not only conveyed the journey behind Bravery but also shared his vision for the brand and the values it stood for. He expressed gratitude for the support received. He emphasised the importance of facing challenges with courage and a can-do attitude. The atmosphere in the room became charged with a sense of unity and shared purpose.



Toby speaking to the VIP's

 (More VIP guests heading for the cafe)


Savannah's introduction and Toby's inspirational words added a personal touch to the event. This made it more than just a product launch. It became a moment of connection. Where the community gathered around the shared values of Bravery. The talk left a lasting impression, inspiring and energising everyone present as they celebrated not just a brand, but a collective spirit of courage and determination.


The overall execution of the VIP launch was a resounding success. Attendees had positive feedback about the venue, the Bravery store, and the café. The carefully thought-out space resonated well with everyone that attended. 


Toby mingling with VIP guests


When Toby was asked what would he do differently he replied - 


“I would concentrate more on preparation and planning. Recognising the importance of foresight and strategic groundwork has been highlighted throughout the launch of the Bravery store and Cafe. After the launch day, I acknowledged that a focused emphasis on these aspects would have enhanced the overall execution of the venture, and ultimately it would have been a lot less stressful. But with any launch, you cannot think of every single obstacle that may or may not occur.”


Bravery Clothing


In closing, the VIP launch of Bravery was nothing short of a triumph. From the energetic atmosphere to the meticulously designed space that showcased the essence of the brand and message, every detail reflected Toby's dedication and the collaborative spirit of the close-knit team. As the VIPs mingled, tried on apparel, and savoured the delights of the café, it became evident that the careful preparation and planning had paid off. Toby's reflection on the importance of these aspects highlighted the commitment to continuous improvement. Bravery has not just introduced a brand; it has created a community united by courage and determination. 


And the best part is, the adventure has only just begun…


Collage of pics from the launch party


Please note -

Surfboards and Wetsuits can be purchased within our store @ 12 Lagland Street, Poole, BH15 1QG

Special thanks to - 

Scout and Hunter for the amazing Charcuterie spread

Crescent Yamaha for the loan of the motocross bikes

A special thanks to all the volunteers who helped on the day

A huge thank you to everyone who donated their time and goods. 

A huge thanks to the Bravery team - we couldn't have done this without you




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