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Founded by Tobias (Toby) Gutteridge, a former member of the U.K. Special Forces (S.B.S),
an avid motocross rider, surfer, and extreme sports enthusiast. Toby has had to face the
mountainous and daily challenge, injured on duty, he is now paralyzed from the neck down.
Starting Bravery is a symbol of waking up each day, choosing courage, and building your
dreams no matter what adversity you face.

At our core, we champion Bravery as more than just a virtue—it's the very essence that
defines our apparel brand. We aim to empower individuals to embrace challenges, pursue
their ambitions, and face adversity with unwavering courage.
Bravery H.Q is our coffee shop and apparel store where we offer fuel for the brave, one cup
and one outfit at a time. Join us on this journey, where bravery is not just a message; it's a
way of life. Find us in Poole, Dorset for delicious food, incredible apparel, and an in-house
tattoo studio. Bravery H.Q is also our events venue where we will be filming our Bravery
Podcast and hosting events that will stir up your inner courage.
At Bravery our mission is to empower individuals to have grit. We believe that clothing
should be more than just fabric; it should be a symbol of self-expression, a canvas to display
your inner bravery.

We source sustainable materials and prioritize ethical practices in our production process,
ensuring that our products align with our values of responsibility and integrity. Bravery
produces superior quality, eco-friendly, modern clothing that respects people and the planet.
We aim to make all our products 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton and recycled materials
such as recycled polyester and modal.

The Bravery brand serves as a reminder that bravery is not the absence of hardship but the
resilience to face adversity and rise back up after getting knocked down by life.

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