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Bravery X Monsters of Dirt

Bravery X Monsters of Dirt

New Bike Decals Coming Soon

Fuelled by passion

While the off-road motorbike scene has been at a red light, we’ve been working on an exciting partnership with the guys over at Monsters of Dirt. We’re proud to announce the launch of our collaboration, and our new line of Bravery X Monsters of Dirt bike decals!

For the past few months we’ve been searching for a collaborator to help us bring the Bravery bike decals to life. We were finding it challenging to find someone who could help us, when a friend of ours over at Rogers Hill Raceway told us about a fantastic guy who was setting up a new dirt bike decals and lifestyle design printing business. So we set up a meeting over the phone with Ricky Wiggins — the co-owner of Monsters of Dirt.

The makings of a great partnership

After a 30 minute call, Ricky said “leave it with me” and within a week there was a new Bravery bike design. We were so proud when the design came through, it was exactly what we had been looking for.

Fast forward to now and we’re working with Monsters of Dirt to design, print and source all of our decals for the later part of our summer and autumn/winter ranges.

Just like us, Monsters of Dirt are part of the off-road motorbike community. Ricky runs the business with his partner, Charlotte Taylor — the two both come from motor sporting families, with Ricky competing at the top level of off-road Enduro here in the UK. Our new partnership is more than just a business deal, off-road motorbikes mean so much to the guys over at Monsters of Dirt — they live and breathe the sport, the same way we and our customers do.

On the same mission

Both Bravery and Monsters of Dirt share the same ‘never give up’ attitude. We take risks, and live everyday to the fullest. We both believe in building companies that are more than just brands. We want to do good, give back and help people live out their passions for extreme sport, because we know that through these sports people can find their purpose and the courage to rise above life’s hardships in spite of fear.

“Bravery’s brand ethos goes hand-in-hand with our own and being young business professionals ourselves, encouraging and inspiring youngsters to follow their dreams and live life to the full, is something we strongly believe in.”


Working with a decal brand whose founders are living and breathing off-road motorbikes means we can create great looking bike graphics, tested by our two companies to ensure they are of superior quality. That way, when you’re getting ready for the next big race, you know your graphics can keep up whatever the track throws at you.

“Extreme sports is at the heart of what we do at Monsters of Dirt so we are honoured to have joined forces with Bravery to bring some exclusive and exciting decal designs to the bike scene.”


The range of decals will be launching within the next couple of weeks, with lots of different, exciting colour schemes and designs coming out in the future.

This is the start of something awesome, with solid plans in the pipeline for both our companies, we look forward to growing and supporting each other and the charities that help prop up the extreme sports we both love so much.

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