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When Sideshow met Bravery

When Sideshow met Bravery

Helping Bravery come to life

At the end of 2019, Bravery was picking up speed and we were at the point of launching the brand into the wider world. We always had such big dreams for our business and are always aspiring to help people through extreme sports.

Working with Sideshow has been a great opportunity and partnership, together we have helped bring the Bravery vision to life. This has enabled us ultimately to grow the brand, reach more people and to help those who need it.

How it all started…

The relationship came about through mutual friends, working at the SBS association (who support injured service people). We had a 40-minute chat in the diary with Sideshow’s Managing Partner, Shane Coughlan, with the idea of skimming the surface on how their team of marketing pros might be able to help. 3 hours later, we’d come out with a plan to build the Bravery brand to new levels.

Getting to know Sideshow!!

Sideshow is a digital communications agency with a can-do attitude, but most of all they’re a bunch of amazing, roll-up-their-sleeves-and-get-stuck-in type of creative people, who have helped bring our brand to life. We’ve loved working with the team, from their designers and digital pros to their copywriting team and the wonderful account managers that have been making all this work happen for us. We love stopping by their offices and meeting with the whole team (especially to talk about the brand over a few cold ones).

What we’ve been up to

From the creation of the brand guidelines, to offering advice on how we should progress the Bravery brand, Sideshow have helped us with support and guidance along the way. We’ve been working alongside their creative and digital team on a variety of different projects, the largest of those projects (and the greatest we’ve collaborated on) have been…

Brand Building

Before lockdown, we had face-to-face meetings and consultations at Bravery HQ and Sideshow HQ — beers and snacks and laughter included — to unpack how Bravery should look, sound and feel. Image is important of course, however in the meeting rooms we dug into the core of what we wanted to be known for, including our mission to empower people through extreme sports, to give back, to create eye catching products with fantastic quality and as ethically as possible. Sideshow really helped us to put all of that into words and images to form our authentic identity and we are immensely proud of it.

New Website + Blog

As a predominately online business, our website was always going to be crucial to us. Once we’d built a foundation for what Bravery looked, thought and sounded like as a brand, we then got to working on bringing that to life into the site you’re reading this blog on today.

Sideshow helped us launch the new website complete with a new colour palette, raw and rugged imagery and seamless functionality. They also helped us get stuck into the world of search marketing, relying on the expertise of the sister team at Vertical Leap to help us understand how to rank better on Google.

Most recently, they’ve helped us with a series of new blog articles that showcase the great work we, and our selected charities and partners are doing, which is really at the heart of everything we do.

So, what's next?

We’ve loved working with Sideshow, and there’s plenty more work with them in the pipeline. From event planning (post lockdown) and new partnerships, to a brand new sweep of imagery and videos that goes behind-the-scenes at Bravery HQ. We’ll be revealing more to you over the coming months, so stay tuned.

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